Authentic Ceramic Hibachi

Authentic Ceramic Hibachi
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Product Description

What is a Hibachi? The hibachi is small, stylish, Japanese grills made of porous ceramic that keeps the sides cool enough to touch when cooking. These grills have been used for generations in Japan and were brought to the States at the end of WWII where they are typically made of metal. LittleFire has paired with Mikawa Corporation in Japan as the sole authorized importer to bring you the authentic hibachi. Hand crafted outside of Nagoya, Japan, Mikawa has been providing these fine hibachis to the Japanese population for decades. How big are they? W: 18 inches /D: 11.6 inches /H: 10 inches. 10 Lbs Big enough to cook… *1 sixteen ounce sirloin steak *2 eight ounce filet mignon *6 hamburgers

What can be cooked on them? Anything you would cook on any other portable grill! *Steaks *Fish *Burgers *Hotdogs *Chicken/beef/shrimp/vegetable kabobs *Vegetables *Korean Barbecue

Are they safe? Yes! The porous ceramic sides direct the heat where it should be, at sealing flavor into the food and not radiating through the sides. Hibachis are often used table top with the family gathered round with little worry about little fingers. The square base also means that the hibachi sits solidly and not precariously on wobbly legs. As with any grill, the hibachi must be used sensibly and with care. Although not as hot, the sides and metal elements do get hot.

Are they easy to clean and store? Yes! After pouring out the used coals, brush out the inside with a soft brush or an old rag. Store in the original box in a closet or on a shelf. The small size means that the hibachi will be out of your way until you need it and easy to pack for that campground, festival, or park!

How long do they last? Hibachis are often used for decades. They do not rust or require the application of vegetable oil to prevent rust. They do not degrade or fall apart. They can be used without worry time and time again.