Organic Fleece Topper Baby

Organic Fleece Topper Baby
Item# organic-fleece-topper-baby

Product Description

This is pure delight. Imagine a soft lambswool sheepskin but minus the skin. Introducing a sustainable lambswool made by weaving the organic Merino wool into a backing of organic cotton. Wool fibers are approximately 1.5 inches high. This is a wonderful alternative to sheepskin, it is 100% organic and the softness is unmatched. Place the Happy Lamb Fleece on top of your mattress. Small sizes are great for traveling away from home. It is incredibly healing, breathable and great for circulation.

100% Organic Merino Wool 100% Organic Cotton Backing Machine washable gentle with special instructions Hand made in Oakville, WA by Holy Lamb Organics

Cradle/Bassinet: 19x32 Crib: 28x52